Breaddough Belly and Pancake Boobs

To all of those moms out there, you know what I am talking about. That lovely doughy feeling of your stomach ( I could probably make 3 large pizzas with mine) and the inevitable drooping of “the girls” (almost touching the dough at times, or at least I feel like it). You feel like that lovely bundle (or bundles) or joy have completely morphed your body into a completely different being. Every piece of clothing you own sticks to that “spot” and no matter how many times you hike up your pants, adjust your bra, stretch out that shirt, it doesn’t help.

Well, I have decided to change my mind set. It is me. The new, improved, just a little squishier me. It took a lot of cahones to post this picture… but here it is.

Breaddough Belly and Pancake Boobs - Marvy Moms

Yup, that is me in all of my post-baby glory (she was 7 months old when this was taken). All 225lbs. I will admit it- I felt gross. And that is the day I decided to make a change.  And I know it is cliche, but I don’t want my daughter growing up and seeing me like this. And I don’t want her learning my bad habits.

So, I took that step. And as of today, I am down 27lbs! It was hard. There is no easy way to lose weight. That is a fact. It was slow, but steady. I had to rethink everything I had done in previous years. I really pay attention to my portions; that is the biggest thing for me. And, I also starting exercising more (Thanks to my Zumba® buddy Tracie and walking). I would love to get down to my high school weight (wouldn’t we all?), but for now I will thank my lucky stars that I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans!

Don’t let that breaddough belly and those pancake boobs get you down. Gravity has taken care of that for you. Step up to the plate and make a change for yourself!

Breaddough Belly and Pancake Boobs - Marvy Moms

{Yes, I know I cheated by wearing black, but I love that shirt! 😉 }

How do you take care of yourself since becoming a mom?


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Abbie is a stay-at-home mom to 2 year old Sophia and an Independent Consultant with a direct sales company. She and her husband Patrick also have a Bishon Frise, Jax, and an American Eskimo, Petey. Abbie describes herself as ”crafty, sarcastic, a little OCD, sometimes too critical, but an easy-going mom who isn’t afraid to say it how it is.” Abbie is looking forward to sharing both her opinions and her adventures of being a mom and woman surviving the modern world.