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So glad you decided to stop by Marvy Moms and see what we’re all about.

While most people my age were beginning to build their families by having children, I only wished I was. After 10 years of trying, I finally had a healthy pregnancy and gave birth to the most wonderful boy in the world (seriously, he’s awesome). Since I didn’t really know anyone else with kids my son’s age, I turned to the internet for answers to questions I had about parenting. Marvy Moms is my way of giving back what I got in those early days, weeks, and months: the loving support of other moms.

Every mom is a marvelous mom in her own right. We can all do things differently and still be marvy moms! C-section or natural birth, cloth or disposable, breastfeed or formula, jar or homemade, cosleeping or separate rooms, home school or public/private school, working out of home or stay at home, the list could go on. The thing we all share is that we love our kids and we’re each doing our best to give them a great life. Let’s meet each other wherever a mom happens to be, and support each other to being marvy moms.

I like to share about things that I’m passionate about such as saving moneyeating healthy, parenting tips, simple tips to a more productive life, as well as my journey to a healthier lifestyle through aromatherapy, homeopathy, and botanical medicine.  I hope you will find something here that speaks to you and helps you to be a marvelous mom to your growing children.

Emily Carpenter


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