Meet Emily

Emily Carpenter

After a lifetime of wanting to be a mommy, and ten years of trying, I am now the happy mom to my son, JW. Learning as I go: I breastfed, bought cloth diapers (but never used them), made my son’s baby food, had a family bed for over a year, strive to help JW with healthy eating, and am now working to slowly replace chemicals and medicines in our home with healthier, more natural, alternatives. 

I have been self employed since 2005 as the owner of a web design company, WhizBang! Web Solutions LLC. I’m a Web Whiz, Blogger, Speaker, Student, Reiki Master, Certified Aromatherapist, and Mom. I train people on how to use social media, including how to promote their product and services. I love working from home so that I can be there for every possible moment with my son.

I attended American Academy of Homeopathy to train in homeopathy, Botanical Medicine Institute to learn herbal medicine, and graduated from Aromahead Institute as a Certified Aromatherapist.

I rely on the support of other moms, and hope that Marvy Moms can be a place where other moms can get some great ideas and support each other in the most wonderful job on earth: being a Mom.


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