Fun Facts About Essential Oil Users: The Essential Oil Safety Pop Quiz Results (Part 3)

Fun Facts About Essential Oil Users: The Essential Oil Safety Pop Quiz - Marvy Moms

So far we’ve looked at answers to the safety questions and injury report portions of The Essential Oil Safety Pop Quiz. Now it’s time to have some fun and see who is using essential oils and how they are using them!

As I mentioned in Part 1 of The Essential Oil Safety Pop Quiz results, I am not a statistician. Nothing scientific here. Just a reporting by regular (anonymous) people about their experience with essential oils.


How long have you been using essential oils?

# of Responses% of Responses
Less than one month183.26%
1-6 months519.24%
Less than 1 year8815.94%
1 year8916.12%
2 years10619.2%
3 years509.06%
4 years142.54%
5 years234.17%
6-10 years315.62%
11-19 years366.52%
20+ years447.97%
Missing Data20.36%

Observation: 72.82% of respondents have been using essential oils for three years or less. This could mean a couple of different things (or a combination of things). Either there has been a huge new interest in essential oils in the past three years, or people lose interest in them after that period of time (or some combination of the two). Or it could just mean that mostly people newer to essential oils filled out the quiz. Interesting info any way you look at it.


Have you ever hired an aromatherapist to help you decide which essential oils to use and how to use them?

# of Responses% of Responses
Many times519.24%
Not yet, but I'd like to26948.73%
I'd rather do things on my own18834.06%
Missing Data61.09%

Nearly half of the respondents said that they have not hired an aromatherapist yet, but would like to. I would like to do a follow up survey on this question alone to find out what is holding people back from doing what they want to do. Is it availability, cost, trust, or something else?


In which of the following ways have you used essential oils? (Please check all that apply)

# of Responses% of Responses
Diluted in a carrier, applied to skin50491.30%
Room diffuser48387.50%
Roller bottle43578.80%
Inhalation (pocket inhaler)35063.41%
Mixed into carrier in bath33360.33%
Room spray33159.96%
Body butter26447.83%
Neat (undiluted), applied to skin25746.56%
Steam inhalation25746.56%
Linen spray24243.84%
Lip balm24043.48%
Car diffuser19134.60%
Body spray19034.42%
Jewelery diffuser18633.70%
A few drops in my water12622.83%

I’m happy to see that inhalation is high on the list! I’m concerned that using oils neat was reported by almost half of the respondents. I’m hoping that many of these were a one-time thing or that this type of usage is minimal or has changed since reading previous Pop Quiz results.


If other, please list:

Cleaning solutions, laundry, cloth wipe spray.
Cough mix, eye serum
Creams, ointments, in my shampoo, condition and as a hair and scalp treatment. Deodorant, toothpaste, mouth rinse.
* note: I've only used safe oils neat on my skin for burns (lavender) and 1 drop of peppermint for migraine
Homemade cleaners and disinfectants
In homemade soap
In many other skin and hair care products (scrubs, masks, deodorants, cleansers, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc), perfumes, sachets, dream pillows, potpourri, house cleansing products, and more.
Just want to say that I do not currently use oils neat on myself or my kids, but when I first started using oils I used eucalyptus globulus neat on myself and my kids a couple of times 🙁 Wish I had known better but so grateful to have found safety info shortly after making this mistake.


How often do you use essential oils?

# of Responses% of Responses
Several times per day7112.86%
A few times per day14225.72%
Once daily6912.50%
A few times per week19735.69%
Once per week152.72%
A few times per month356.34%
Once per month71.27%
Once every few months30.54%
Missing Data30.54%

I’m not sure which is more interesting: the fact that 51% of respondents use essential oils at least daily, or that nearly 50% don’t.


What do you use essential oils for? (Please check all that apply)

# of Responses% of Responses
To uplift mood37968.66%
I just love the smell31456.88%
Skin conditions29052.54%
General pain27950.54%
Digestive issues18733.88%
Arthritis pain*14125.54%


If other, please list:

As a tick repellent
Bug spray
Cleaning and disinfecting, First aid
Colds, stress relief, to relax
Coughs/Colds/Respiratory issues (not allergy-related)
I make natural personal care and cleaning products in VERY low dilutions that I use instead of conventional products in my day-to-day life. I have blends on hand for things like bug bites, bug spray, cough, etc. I make and use other things as I need them. I use them for "all of the above", but not everyday and not consistently. I look to herbs, diet, and other self-care, too.
I use for various needs as needed. I'm not a daily user nor do I use just to be using them.
In the lotion and body butter I use everyday.
Inflammation, nerve pain, sciatica, fibro.
Inhaler with grapefruit to help with food cravings
Lyme Disease
Make my own body butter and add oils . . . .also make my own soap and add oils
Muscle loosening (high tone due to cerebral palsy), plantar fasciitis
Nerve pain, sciatica pain. Have had 4 back surgeries so general pain does not cover it. Also to wake me up and kick my butt.
Peppermint for Toenail fungus
Lavender for sunburn
Personal hygiene
Relaxation at night, air refresher
Skincare "not conditions", for cleaning, to freshen the air, relieve stress - not as extreme as "anxiety", and for natural personal fragrance
Support respiratory system and support immune system
Thieves daily to prevent illness. Once in the am only
To avoid insects.
To clear sinuses when have a cold
To disinfect and purify the air...germ control.
To massage people
To stop illness, or help cut colds & flu time.
To support many other medicinal uses, for spiritual uses, in natural perfumery, and in house cleaning.
Treatment and prevention of illness, wound care

I have to comment on the use of “Thieves daily to prevent illness. Once in the am only.” When I was buying my YL kit a couple of summers ago, that person showed me how she used a roller bottle to put Thieves on the feet of her children every day to prevent illness. Daily use of any oil can be risky as it can lead to eventual sensitization. Thieves in particular has its own cautions (hot oils for instance). I would not use Thieves on children and not daily for anyone. Essential oils should not be a replacement for sound nutrition and good hygiene practices. I give my son Vitamin D and elderberry syrup during cold and flu season to boost his immune system, but never once thought to use essential oils in this way. Essential oils will be much more effective during active illness if they are not used daily as prevention. Eat right, wash your hands, get ample rest, get some daily sunshine, and exercise. These are the things that will keep you well. Essential oils are not the answer to everything.


Please indicate any method you have used to buy essential oils:

# of Responses% of Responses
Online retailer43779.17%
Health food or Vitamin/Supplement store25546.20%
Grocery store498.88%
From a friend or individual that sells them (ie: for a company such as Young Living, dōTERRA, Simply Aroma, etc…)14426.09%
I am a distributor for an essential oil company (ie: Young Living, dōTERRA, Simply Aroma, etc…)11721.20%


Which online retailer(s) have you purchased from? (Please check all that apply)

# of Responses% of Responses
Amrita Aromatherapy50.91%
Ananda Apothecary122.17%
Appalachian Valley Natural Products213.80%
Aroma Theraputix10.18%
Aromatics International529.42%
Aura Cacia7213.04%
Bulk Apothecary223.99%
Butterfly Express00.00%
Eden Botanicals203.62%
Edens Garden427.61%
Essential Oils Exchange30.54%
From Nature With Love10.18%
Gritman Essential Oils111.99%
Heritage Oils71.27%
Kelley Pure Essential Oils00.00%
Liberty Natural Products10.18%
Living Libations10.18%
Lotus Garden Botanicals30.54%
Loving Scents00.00%
Mountain Rose Herbs529.42%
Native American Nutritionals244.35%
Nature's Gift Aromatherapy509.06%
New Directions Aromatics111.99%
NOW Foods488.70%
Organic Infusions, Inc.10.18%
Original Swiss Aromatics40.72%
Piping Rock91.63%
Plant Therapy13424.28%
Pompeii Organics71.27%
Prima Fleur20.36%
Samara Botane20.36%
Snow Lotus10.18%
Spark Naturals50.91%
Stillpoint Aromatics346.16%
SunRose Aromatics30.54%
The Apothecary Shop61.09%
The Essential Oil Company61.09%
Tisserand Aromatherapy122.17%
White Lotus Aromatics40.72%
Wyndmere Naturals Aromatherapy71.27%


If other, please list:

Apothecary Shoppe
Ashbury's Aromatherpy
Be Young
Birch Hill
Camden Grey
Cheryl's Herbs
Crafter's Choice
Essential Depot
Essential Therapeutics
Fragrant Earth
Groupon (NOW brand oils)
Ki Aroma
Majestic Mountain Sage
Nascent Naturals
Nature's Apothecary
NYR Organic
Penny Price
Rae Dunphy Aromatics
Rocky Mountain Oils
Scentsable Health
The Perfumery
Tropical Traditions (Florihana)
Victorie, Inc.


Which multi-level-marketing (MLM) companies have you purchased from? (Please check all that apply)

# of Responses% of Responses% of people who have bought from an MLM
Be Young Total Health264.71%25.00%
Neal Yard Organics20.36%1.92%
Simply Aroma20.36%1.92%
Young Living427.61%40.38%


Which multi-level-marketing (MLM) companies have you sold essential oils for? (Please check all that apply)

# of Responses% of Responses% of people who have sold for an MLM
Be Young Total Health00.00%0.00%
Neal Yard Organics00.00%0.00%
Simply Aroma30.54%5.56%
Young Living244.35%44.44%


What type of essential oil education have you completed?

# of Responses% of Responses
I have received training from friends and family that use essential oils.49790.04%
I belong to Facebook groups where I can ask questions about essential oils.41675.36%
I've read blogs that teach me about aromatherapy.28251.09%
I've taken Aromahead's Free Introduction to Essential Oils Class.20937.86%
Google is my teacher.17030.80%
I've attended webinars by Aromahead14626.45%
I have received training from the company that I buy oils from.10118.30%
I am a Certified Aromatherapist.5910.69%
I've attended webinars by Jade Shutes5610.14%
I have received training from the company that I sell oils for.498.88%


If other, please list:

Two classes with American College of Healthcare Sciences
About 15 books from Robert Tisserand, Joy Vowles, Andrea Butje, Valerie Ann Worwood, Kurt Schnaubelt, and Nerys Purchon and Lora Cantele. A number of webinars and anything I can find.
ACP student at Aromahead
Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy
Books! (Mentioned by MANY people!)
Certification course with Jade Shutes
Class by an aromatherapist and personal communication with an aromatherapist
Class during massage therapy school.
Currently enrolled in Aromahead for certification.
Currently reading several books recommended by aromatherapists (not YL or DT)
Currently taking certification training
Direct conversations with seasoned aromatherapists who follow safe-use principals. Papers and resources from Atlantic Institute, Vintage Remedies, and Stillpoint Studies
Earning a Certificate in Aromatherapy
Essential oil books as well as webinars
Free podcasts and webinars from Aromatic Wisdom Institute, Aromahead, David Crow at Floracopeia, The Barefoot Dragonfly. And I follow Dr. Pappas, Robert Tisserand and Mark Webb to learn facts that blogs don't teach!!
Gritman online classes and other online classes, various books.
Heart of Herbs - Advanced Herbs & Aromatherapy for Women
20 years of reading 🙂
I am a student of Heart of Herbs school with Demetria Clark
I am attending classes through American College of Healthcare Sciences.
I am being trained by the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy
I am currently enrolled in a NAHA approved animal aromatherapy course.
I am in a certification program.
I am still learning and only use essential oils very basically.
I am taking a certified Aromatherapy course through Joyessence Aromatherapy Centre Inc. Ontario, Canada.
I attend ACHS
I completed Aromahead's Scholar's Program and have attended multiple in-person seminars with other educators in the field.
I have attended seminars given by certified aromatherapists
I have books by Robert Tisserand, Joy Vowels, Kurt Schnaubelt, Andrea Butje and about 15 more books. Nerys Purchon and Lora Cantele, Valerie Ann Worwood, ect... I do plan on taking more classes and enrolling in an accredited aromatherapy course.
I have learned from many of the other pioneers.
I have read numerous books on the subject. Some authors include Julia Lawless, Valerie Worwood, Kurt Schnaubelt, Robert Tisserand, Chrissie Wildwood, Denise Tiran, E. Joy Bowles, and Shirley Price.
I have taken a couple of classes at American College of Healthcare Sciences to complete my studies for diploma in Holistic Health Practice.
I have the book "the complete aromatherapy and essential oils handbook for everyday wellness" and I have looked at Robert Tisserands book. I also have begun to research individual oils online to learn on my own about each oil but I always compare what I find to these two books.
I look stuff up in Essential Oil Safety (2nd edition). It was my "beginner" book when I started using Essential Oils last year.
I took an Aromatherapy class as part of my Massage Therapist training, also attended a workshop held by the teacher of that class at a public forum. Read several books, asked questions of professional.
I'm not sure if reading the suggested uses from Plant Therapy counts as "training", but they have info about dilution and blending with each oil they sell.
In my herbal studies through Sage Mountain.
In process of doing Aromahead Natural Living and Butters and Balms courses.
I've studied aromatherapy independently for about 27 years from various reputable resources.
Jane Buckle course
Jane Buckle's clinical aromatherapist certification -- completed
Floracopeia's home study courses 1 & 2 -- in process
Lots of books, including none affiliated aromatherapy books
Lots of self studying with books by reputable professionals, talking directly with aromatherapist.
Massage school curiculum
Mini class from vintage and Jessie Hawkins. Completed the 101 from west coast and will be starting the 201 at the end of this month.
NAHA conference, Tisserand Skin Series
Oils class taught by a naturopathic dr.
Part of curriculum at Reflexology school I attended
Purchased Robert Tisserands EO Safety and Several (Hundred?) essential oil books
R. Tisserand's skin series
Robert Tisserand's Essential Oil Safety A Guide for Health Care Professionals and The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness by Nerys Purchon, Lora Cantele
self-study for 19 +/- years, including in person courses with Jeanne Rose
Sister-in-law is Aromatherapist
Studying for my certification
Training in the "Hogeschool voor Natuurlijke Gezondheid".
Working on my certification at Aromahead Institute. Near completion.


Please indicate the year in which you were born:

# of Responses% of Responses
10-20 years old40.72%
21-30 years old6511.78%
31-40 years old19735.69%
41-50 years old14526.27%
51-60 years old8916.12%
61-70 years old397.07%
71+ years old61.09%
Missing Data71.27%


What is your gender?

Mostly Female…


How many children under the age of 18 do you have living in your home?

# of Responses% of Responses
5 or more1.27%
Missing Data173.08%


What ages of children do you have living with you in your home?

# of Responses% of Responses% of people who have children under the age of 18 living in their home
Ages 0-6 months101.81%3.68%
Ages 7 months to 11 months40.72%1.47%
Ages 1-2458.15%16.54%
Ages 3-56812.32%25.00%
Ages 6-96010.87%22.06%
Ages 10-12386.88%13.97%
Ages 13-15223.99%8.09%
Ages 15-18254.53%9.19%


How many bottles of single essential oils do you currently own? Take your best guess…

# of Responses% of Responses
Less than 5203.62%
Missing Data234.17%

I was surprised that only 35.69% of the respondents owned 41 or more bottles of single essential oils. No matter how many one has, I’m sure we all wish we had more than we do.


How many bottles of essential oil blends do you currently own? Take your best guess…

# of Responses% of Responses
Less than 518132.79%
Missing Data244.35%

I love that so many people are buying single oils over blends. This means that you are thinking and using intention when deciding which oils to use for their intended purpose.


How do you store your essential oils? (Please check all that apply)

# of Responses% of Responses
In dark glass bottles46283.70%
Tightly-sealed bottles40172.64%
With cap labels29853.99%
In a box23542.57%
In a cabinet19334.96%
In the refrigerator where I store my food9216.67%
In a drawer8815.94%
In a refrigerator just for aromatherapy7814.13%
Sorted by company285.07%
Sorted by chemical family193.44%
All over the place, I don't have them organized193.44%
On a shelf on my wall where sun can shine directly on it111.99%
Sorted by plant part91.63%
In a box under my bed61.09%

Essential oils oxidize more quickly with exposure to light, heat, and exposure to air. Whenever possible, essential oils should be stored in air-tight containers (the smallest bottle possible for the amount you have), and in a cool dry place. I keep all of my essential oils and hydrosols in a refrigerator designated just for this purpose.


If other, please list:

Three carrier bags, alphabetized, and then in the fridge.
By kid-safe oils, then by general plant groups (pines, citrus, resins, etc.)
I'd love to have a small fridge devoted to my essential oils/carrier oils/hydrosols in the near future.
I keep them in my cool, dark basement
I make blends for two large wholesale clients. My oils are organized in small tubs according to which ones go together in different blends. All other oils are in carrying cases. EVERY oil, case, and tub is in a full-size refrigerator reserved for blending supplies and oils.
I try to store citrus blends in the refrigerator and others that fit. The rest are in the coolest part of the basement. Which is underground.
If not in fridge, wooden box, or bathroom drawer, they are in my closet.
in a case from plant therapy made specifically for storing EOs
In a cool (but not refrigerated) and dark area.
In a plant therapy carry case for more used ones
In a zip case for essential oils
In an old cosmetics train case and then stored in my closet
In dark closet
In inhalers carried in a zippered pouch in my purse
In the box they came in from
Mostly On a Shelf in the cases in Latin name order
On a bookshelf in my soaping room, out of the reach of my grandchildren.
On a shelf by the diffuser
Other... lol
Padded essential oil carrying cases
Plant Therapy carrying cases
Sorted by child safe and other
Stored in plastic container


What are your top three favorite single essential oils?

# of Responses% of Responses
Sweet Orange9316.85%
Tea Tree7112.86%
Ylang Ylang193.44%
Clary Sage132.36%
Roman Chamomile132.36%
German Chamomile81.45%
Black Pepper61.09%
May Chang61.09%
Blue Tansy40.72%
Ho Wood40.72%
Pink Grapefruit40.72%
Cape Chamomile30.54%
Black Spruce20.36%
Blood Orange20.36%
Carrot Seed20.36%
Fir Needle20.36%
Juniper Berry20.36%
Spike Lavender20.36%
Abies Siberica10.18%
Anise Myrtle10.18%
Balsam Fir10.18%
Balsam Poplar10.18%
Bay Laurel10.18%
Honey Myrtle10.18%
Laurel Leaf10.18%
Lemon Myrtle10.18%
Linaloe Berry10.18%
Michelia alba10.18%
Palo Santo10.18%
Siberian Fir10.18%
Sweet Birch10.18%
White Ginger Lily10.18%
Zanthoxylum Armatum10.18%

I always love this question. It’s a fun way to see what everyone is using. It’s no surprise that lavender, frankincense and peppermint are the top three.


Additional Comments (optional):

Great quiz! Thanks!
Great quiz, Emily! A few notes on the questions. For injury question #2 (the 'has your child ever been injured' one), I answered no, but I don't have kids. I have used essential oils on other kids before though. For usage #2 I answered 'I'd rather do my own thing'. But if I wasn't an aromatherapist I would hire one! For usage #3, I have very occasionally used essential oils neat and in capsules and suppositories when warranted (but I have some training in aromatic medicine), so not in the hazardous way of many MLMs. Usage #12: I selected less than 5 essential oil blends. I assumed you meant pre-made blends from companies, which I hardly ever buy. I always make my own blends, so if you meant bottles of blends I've made myself (instead of what I initially assumed), I currently have maybe 20-30 vials of blends that I made up. This number changes all the time though. I can't wait to see the results!
I am a massage therapist and use them for massage. I make my own blends and lotions.
I am a massage therapist. Been taking Continuing Education classes to learn more. Especially since I have family & clients pushing DoTerra & YL oils now... So scary!
I am interested in becoming a registered aromatherapist. It is in my plans to start this process within the next year but have to do more research on how to obtain this goal.
I am just venturing into essential oils and this quiz made me realize I have a lot to learn. I get confused with all the books and literature out there as to what the best references are.
I barely know what any of the terms in this quiz are.
I belong to Doterra but I don't sell any oils because I'm not happy with my level of knowledge about EOs.
I do try to educate myself about how to use EO safely, with facebook groups such as the one Plant Therapy hosts.
I first started out with doterra (no longer with them) which was giving soooooooo much wrong Info on using oils! So thankful for the safe Facebook groups and Aromahead which has taught me so much about using oils safely.
I got into aromatherapy 20 years ago and only relied on a few books for info. I now find it very difficult to sort through the numerous brands, different quality levels, different recommendations and politics of the current industry.
I have made mistakes early, and am trying to educate myself the best i can and providing this information to those I work with and advise to talk with a qualified professional for anyone taking medications or with questions I can't answer.
I have never trained but have read books. Thought I would see if I had any or no knowledge
I have returned all of the oils purchased through Eden's Garden. The oils from Ananda and Barefut are my cleaning oils.
I have used oils in unsafe ways. I have learned that I shouldn't use them that way and stopped.
I joined an MLM but I do not sell oils to other people.
I just took the quiz to know how many of what i read in the group (in which i asked to know how many drops were ok in my wash) had stayed with me since there's a lot of discussion there and consider fun to read and get some of that essential oil knowledge for when i actually want to get into this stuff
I love EOs
I love learning about essential oils, their therapeutic properties, some chemistry, making blends, making skin care with some essential oils and household cleaning products.

Thanks for this quiz! Self-taught folks like me need something to show how lacking we are!
I love my oils. I wish I had research more in the beginning instead of trusting the person who signed me up to teach me. Made some mistakes like ingesting in water and now I have acid reflux bad or using oils neat when I should have diluted.
I love safe aromatherapy!
I really haven't learned yet about max dermal limits or use in pregnancy so I guessed- EO's are new to me so I am trying to learn...!
I really love natural health and aromatherapy really speaks to me. Wish to learn all I can.
I should have looked at my cheat sheets for dilutions and will definitely look into your free class.
I started out with doterra and was taught so many wrong things about using oils. So thankful for sites that teach about correct ways to use.
I started out with doterra and was told so much wrong info about oils. So thankful I did research on my own and for all the groups and sites that give the right info.
I started using Young Living through my sister in law. I was added to groups and encouraged to buy the EOPR. It took me months to weed through it all and realize "negative" posts were being deleted, and to see red flags. I was given unsafe information and am still angry. Luckily, I found safety groups, but I think I'm the exception rather than the rule. Honestly, I don't believe oils should be sold in an mlm structure. I have a lot to learn, but I always dilute and never ingest now. And I use a lot more sparingly, but effectively.
I store my oils in a windowless room in my basement.
I tried to be safe when I first started a year ago, and didn't start with an MLM. I didn't ingest, but I did rarely apply lavender neat. After 6 months I did even more research and discovered I wasn't as safe as I could or should be. I've been trying to learn to be safer and I don't really have much memorized so I always check before using my oils. I've found a couple books and some places online that (for now) I trust to get information from.
I would love to actually learn from a reputable source with the goal of a career (not mlm sales).
I would love to see the results of this quiz!
I would love to take some aromatherapy classes, however I can't afford them.
I would really love to learn more about EOs and using them safely! Although I've come across people who prefer using herbs because EOs are so powerful and not the most sustainable products (due to how much plant material it takes to produce them), and the herbs are just as effective. I'm inclined to agree with those people, and would prefer to use EOs only when I feel the need for something stronger.
I'm currently pursuing my aromatherapy cert, not certified yet.
I am sensitized to many oils so need to stop use.
I'd love to know more about mixing
A list of what each oil can help with
I'm new, plan on getting some books, maybe even taking some classes.
Lavender gives me a headache; I wish there were more alternatives listed for it.
Love this quiz. Good work!
More access to EO safety info is greatly needed. It took me far too many months to find good safe usage information. All EO companies should be required to provide basic safety information!
One option should be I am certified and make my own, and sell and consult
Question 7 in the third section I did not answer well as there wasn't the right option for me. I am currently enrolled in college, learning about alternative medicine including aromatherapy.
Some of this got way too nosy.
Started growing and using herbs 35+ years ago. Read a book about incorporating essential oils into my organic herb crafts and, not knowing about eo's, I dismissed them as just a scent. Read more and started searching far and wide to find these "more than just a scent" products. Still enjoy using them and teaching my students the benefits of aromatherapy.
Still in the learning process and enjoying every minute of it!
Still learning..... constantly on websites, books and online groups.
Thank you for this quiz. I can see that I need to do even more research.
Thanks !
Thanks for offering this quiz!

I am renovating office space so I can have a dedicated EO / herb kitchen with fridge for EOs. I use EOs for massage therapy as well as self care.
Thanks for the opportunity to complete this quiz!
Thanks for this quiz. I hope it helps people understand the importance of essential oil safety. I do feel that this quiz was not 100% representational of my knowledge. I followed your instructions and did not look anything up, but in my everyday life I understand that I do not know everything and am constantly looking up information. Some of the oils you used in your quiz I was unfamiliar with. In real life when I am unfamiliar with an oil will look it up in EOS v2. I also did not feel represented in question 7. I am currently going through my aromatherapy training, but am not yet an aromatherapist. There was no option for that. Thanks again and good luck with your project!
This is a great quiz!
This was fun. Having to give only three favorite oils is almost like picking a favorite child when you have 60 children - impossible
Under essential oil training received, I might include that I've been building my essential oil library to include books like Tisserand's "Essential Oil Safety", Purchon's "The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness", etc.
Use Tisserand's and purchon / cantele books want to take Aromahead intro class
Waiting to see how much I don't know!!
Would love to learn more about the use and formulas for essential oils.
WOW I did not know a lot of these questions

Thanks again to everyone who participated in The Essential Oil Safety Pop Quiz! I loved reading through all of your comments and seeing how people are using essential oils. Be sure to go back and read the safety questions and injury reports for a refresher.

What was your favorite part of the quiz?

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About Emily Carpenter

Emily is a Web Whiz, Blogger, Speaker, Student, and Mom. She is the owner of WhizBang! Web Solutions LLC, and the founder of Marvy Moms. She loves working from home so that she can be there for every possible moment with her son, JW. Learning as she goes, Emily breastfed, bought cloth diapers (but never used them), made her son’s baby food, had a family bed for nearly two years, and loves spending time with her son. Emily is a certified Level II Reiki practitioner and offers her services both in-person and remotely to people interested in this energetic healing modality. Emily is currently enrolled as a student at the American Academy of Homeopathy to become a Certified Classical Homeopath and has earned a diploma in botanical medicine at Botanical Medicine Institute. She is also a Certified Aromatherapist, and received her training from Aromahead Institute.