Friendly Halloween Ghost

Marvy Moms - Friendly Halloween Ghost

I was fast asleep in the recliner with my 2-year-old when my dog, Baxter, started going crazy. I told him to quiet down and shushed the baby and hoped he wouldn’t wake up. Next, the doorbell rang, and Baxter continued to bark. I decided to play like I wasn’t home and didn’t answer the door. After a week with JW being sick and me not sleeping, I passed back out.

A half-hour later the doorbell rang again! Just like the first time, there were three quick rings and then nothing. This time I decided to go to the door and check it out. I carefully put JW down, and went to the door. No one was there, except I thought I saw the 10-year-old neighbor girl running through the yard. I called to her, but she only retreated further and out of sight. I thought that was strange, but realized she was probably up to something cute, so I went back inside and waited.

Sure enough, 10 minutes later the doorbell rang a third time. This time I went right to the door, and found a plastic pumpkin on my doorstep with a note attached. On the front was a hand-drawn picture of a friendly ghost. On the back was this message:

You have been “Booed” this is a tradition we have been doing for years. Now that you have been “booed” hang this friendly ghost on your door and go “boo” someone else at night and here are some clues to help you find me.

1. You are new to the neighborhood as we all know.

2. I was one of the first people to meet you in your new house.

3. I met all of your friends and family.

Who am I?

If you find out you are smart. Good luck and if you find me and I am home and if I am the person who answers the door you get a special Halloween treat! Once again Good Luck!

The note was attached to a plastic pumpkin cup with a crazy straw, and filled with chocolate candy.

Marvy Moms - Friendly Halloween Ghost

What a sweet way to say Happy Halloween to your neighbors, and I love that it’s a month early to get excited about the upcoming holiday! I’m planning to wait a day or two and then go over with a special treat for our Friendly Halloween Ghost.

What special ways do you celebrate Halloween and pass along the fun to others?

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