Foul-Mouthed Momma

OK. I admit it. I swear like a sailor. Some people drink, some smoke, some devour chocolate like it is going out of style. But swearing is my vice, my addiction.

It all started when I was 12 years old. Being in middle school is pretty intimidating, so you are doing all you can do to fit in. (Now a days I am sad and scared to think about what they are doing to fit in…) So, I picked up a few new words to make my juvenile vocabulary a little more colorful. I never really thought too much more about it- unless I was in front of my parents because that was a BIG no-no.

I don’t know what it is about a good swear that just makes you feel a little bit better. Lately, I feel as though everything and anything has been upsetting me or just plain (insert swear word here) me off. So, no matter who is around or who it is directed to, I swear. I feel better for a second, but then instant remorse. I don’t want to sound trashy, but that is exactly what is coming out of my mouth. And what makes it that much worse is that my 2.5 year old daughter is witnessing it more and more frequently than I would prefer she did. And then comes the realization that I am saying this stuff in front of my friends’ kids too.

I know I am not the first, nor the last, mom out there to hear the dreaded F-bomb come out of their little babe’s mouth. Be it in the right context – which makes it that much harder not to laugh- or just out of the blue, it really is not OK. I don’t want my kid sounding like she just came off of the Jerry Springer Show set. don’t want to sound like that anymore either.

So, from here on out, I am going to work hard at curbing this addiction. Not only for me, but for everyone around me who gets subjected to it on a daily basis. Here’s to a new attitude and an addiction-free lifestyle!

About Abbie Schmitt

Abbie is a stay-at-home mom to 2 year old Sophia and an Independent Consultant with a direct sales company. She and her husband Patrick also have a Bishon Frise, Jax, and an American Eskimo, Petey. Abbie describes herself as ”crafty, sarcastic, a little OCD, sometimes too critical, but an easy-going mom who isn’t afraid to say it how it is.” Abbie is looking forward to sharing both her opinions and her adventures of being a mom and woman surviving the modern world.