Waiting is Hard Work

Waiting is Hard Work - Marvy Moms

At breakfast this morning, JW said, “I miss my cousins. I want to go in the car to go see them. The car is broken. It’s hard work waiting to get the car fixed! I miss my cousins.”

The picture above was taken over a week ago which was a couple of weeks after I realized that the brakes on my trusty old car were not working properly. There’s a leak in the brake line, and there’s no way I’m transporting my little guy without brakes. I bought this car when it was brand new, a 2000 model, back in December 1999. It’s up for inspection in January, and I really don’t think it’s going to pass another inspection. However, I need something to drive until the universe works out a way for me to get a new car. So, not wanting to drop any more money into my dying car, I called in a favor from a trusted friend to work on fixing up my brakes. And, so we wait!

Waiting is hard work! In the last month or so we’ve missed 3 story times, a preschool sprouts class, trips to the zoo and playground, play dates, and visits with the cousins. This is not how I was picturing spending my summer. As much as I have tried focusing on the positive, I have to say that I have a terrible case of cabin fever that is only not much worse because of all the wonderful people that have come to visit, time spent in the backyard and walks around the block.

Back to the positive thinking, I have been doing more of that than usual during my wait. Instead of focusing on all that we can’t do, I’ve taken the time to do things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I’ve written three blog posts for two different blogs, I’ve caught up on things in the web design world, I’ve called some people I haven’t talked to in awhile, planted some tomatoes, weeded the yard, read a couple of books, done work for clients, I even cleaned the house a little.

Yes, waiting is hard work, but it’s my attitude about it that can make it easier or, well, harder. Think of all the gas money I’ve saved by not having a car to drive for a month! I’ve gotten really good at only shopping once a week (I take my husband’s car on his day off). This is not the first thing I’ve had to wait for in my life, and it won’t be the last. I waited over 10 years of our marriage to become a mommy and it was worth every second! I can certainly make it a few more days without a car. When we get it back our first stop will have to be a visit with the cousins!

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