Three Free Essential Oil Classes and One Free Summit You Should Know About

Three FREE  Essential Oil Classes and One FREE Summit  You Should Know About

With so much information about essential oils online, it’s hard to know who to listen to. I’ve been researching essential oil companies for nearly a year and I’m still discovering new companies and informational resources the time. Certain companies, people, and information rise to the top again and again, so it is there that I seem to find truth.

I decided I wanted reliable information from a trusted source which is why I enrolled to study at Aromahead Institute for my aromatherapy certification. Certification may not be for everyone, however, there are many classes available out there where you can at least discover for yourself if you want to go further.

One thing I’ve noticed about people who love essential oils is that they want: 1. More oils; and 2. More information! So, if you’d like to learn more and not spend more, then there are a few FREE essential oil educational opportunities that you should know about.

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Aromahead’s Introduction to Essential Oils class: This was the first essential oil class that I ever took. It gives you a good overview of essential oils as well as several recipes to jump right in and get started. Andrea Butje, owner of Aromahead, is well respected in the aromatherapy world. I love her warm teaching style and the fact that she follows and teaches safe-use guidelines. She often refers to Essential Oil Safety 2nd Edition by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young. After taking this class, I knew that I wanted to go to Aromahead for my certification.

Real Essential Oil Education: Ashley Glassman has both a Facebook group (with over 8,000 members), Real Essential Oil Education, and a website where she shares information about essential oils. Ashley has a mission to provide people with factual information about essential oils. Rather than repeating strict rules about essential oils, such as “Never” do such and such with oils, she gives an explanation. She tells you why and what grey areas there may actually be. Ashley has well over a decade of experience with aromatherapy and herbs. She has two classes available for free on her website: 1. Essential Oil Class: and 2. Herbal Tinctures for Children Class.

It’s a little tricky to find the actual lessons on her site, so rather than giving instructions, I’ll just post some links here for your reference:

Ashley’s Essential Oils Class

It’s important to note that while wonderful, essential oils are only one tool for your toolbox. I love that Ashley also gives information about herbal tinctures, especially as they relate to children. An important thing to know when using any tool is when it’s the wrong tool (or at least not the best tool) and which tool is best suited for the job. This is why I’m studying aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and homeopathy: because they all have a place and a purpose.

Ashley’s Herbal Tinctures for Children Class

Both the Essential Oil and Herbal Tinctures for Children class used to be a paid section on Ashley’s website. She has made them completely free so that more people can get good info before using these methods for themselves and their families. Thanks, Ashley!

Essential Oil University: Dr. Robert Pappas is the most recognized name in GC/MS testing of essential oils and the founder of Essential Oil University. In his commitment to help people understand the chemistry of essential oils, he recently made his series of videos on The Chemistry of Essential Oils available free of charge on YouTube. Warning: this is an advanced level class. Be sure to watch the intro videos before you start. If you decide you’d like a course certificate, you can purchase the course for $500. For this fee you will also receive a 49 sample chem kit and course notes. Dr. Pappas also has a free reference database available on his website. Although there is no charge, you must register as a user on the website to gain access.


The Essential Oils Revolution Summit: This event is a brand-neutral summit to discuss many topics regarding essential oils. While there are some speakers that I am a bit leery about or know nothing about, there are also several really great speakers that make this summit worth signing up for.

Here are just a few of the speakers and their topics that I’m excited about:

  • Sylla Sheppard Hanger and her daughter, Nyssa Hanger, will be talking about essential oil safety. Sylla is the director of The Atlantic Institute and is known for her eye toward safety with essential oils.
  • Ty Bollinger is the guy that put together an amazing video series, The Truth About Cancer, and he’ll be talking about “Quest for Cure.” I love to listen to anything by Ty because he has already taught me so much.
  • Joette Calabrese is a homeopathy guru and will be speaking on the topic of “A Homeopathic Perspective on Essential Oils.”
  • Dr. Robert Pappas, who is synonymous with GC/MS in the essential oil world, will be talking about Essential Oil Adulteration.
  • Dr. David Jockers is a chiropractor who overcame skin cancer and helps others to live healthier lives. He will be talking about “SuperCharged Immunity.”

Each day of the week-long summit will have a different focus (in relation to essential oils) including:

  • Experts (May 11, 2015)
  • Physicians (May 12, 2015)
  • Cancer (May 13, 2015)
  • Dr. Mom (May 14, 2015)
  • DIY – Homesteading (May 15, 2015)
  • Aromatherapy (May 16 2015)
  • Life Transformation (May 17, 2015)

Join us for a FREE online event | May 11-18, 2015 | The Essential Oils Revolution Summit

I’ve decided to keep an open mind about this summit. I know I will hear some things that I don’t agree with, and I think it’s valuable to hear information from many perspectives. If nothing else, there are some amazing speakers and I’m sure to learn something. Sometimes just hearing another side of a topic is an education in and of itself. It shows where we can all grow together as a community.

The Essential Oils Revolution Summit. Millions of people are regaining control fo their health with Essential Oils! Free online from May 11-18, 2015. Attend.

These three classes and one summit should give you a great start on learning more about essential oils. Be sure to tell me if you take advantage of these opportunities to learn and what you think of each one.

I’d also love to hear in the comments which summit speakers you’re looking forward to hearing so that I’m sure not to miss them!

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