Snapshot of an Aromatherapist: Meet Nancy Lubin

I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at real-life aromatherapist and get a glimpse at what makes them tick. In this series, I’ll be asking certified aromatherapists a series of questions and sharing those interviews here. They will also share snapshots of their working space so you can really see what being an aromatherapist looks like. Hopefully this will take away some of the mystery of what an aromatherapist actually does and why anyone would go through the trouble of getting the designation of certified aromatherapist and still want to learn more.

When I was thinking of whom to ask first for the Snapshot of an Aromatherapist series, Nancy Lubin came to mind. We have been in classes together both with Rhiannon Harris Lewis and Mark Webb and I adore her spunk and love of plant-based medicine. Nancy is a deep thinker and studies for understanding until she knows a subject inside and out. I knew she would have some great things to share. I’m confident you’ll think so too!

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Nancy lives in Camden Maine and is the owner of Intentional Essentials:

About Nancy Lubin — C.P.P.C., C.Z.T., C.A.

Nancy brings a roaming mind and a willing heart to explorations that have taken her from life on a wilderness farm in Western Maine as a hand-weaver designing textiles for recognized national brands to cooking on an ocean racing sailboat. She has lived in Camden for 35 years, integrating her journeys through Jean Houston’s Mystery School, membership in the American Holistic Medical Association, and ongoing training in many health supporting practices. Her passion for plants and creativity weave together to form the foundation of a practice dedicated to supporting the essence in each one of us.

She is the first Certified Professional Life Coach in Maine (1997), the first Certified Zentangle Teacher in Maine (2010), and earned her Aromatherapy certification in 2013 from Aromahead Institute. She continues working on her certification as a Clinical Aromatherapist with teachers in Europe as well as the U.S. She is also a certified (2005) Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster facilitator.

Nancy is trained as an ADD coach and works with adults to resolve issues such as organization, planning, and impulse control.

She is a mother and gardener and has never met a workshop description that didn’t have her ready to go sign up. She is a co-founder of the Midcoast chapter of the Maine Women’s Network and a founding member of Destination Wellness Midcoast Maine.

What got you interested in aromatherapy? Tell us a little bit about your aroma-story.

I come from a family extremely sensitive to smells. As an avid gardener, I am often wanting my efforts to result in an aromatic experience. At a holistic medical conference I was introduced to what turned out to be an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. As I got more involved I was uncomfortable with what I was learning, and my questions were not being answered. So I looked for, found, and enrolled in an aromatherapy certification course to get, I hoped, some questions answered. From there I have continued to take courses every year to deepen my learning.

How long have you been interested in aromatherapy?

20 years

What do you love most about aromatherapy?

The range of possibilities from therapeutics to simply sensual experience. The historic and contemporary applications broaden my world and offer my clients personal engagement with the materials and the wonder of nature.

Describe what training you’ve had in aromatherapy. Please also list any aromatherapy certifications:

  • Aromahead Institute ACP & teacher training
  • 7 classes with Rhiannon Harris Lewis
  • Aromatic Medicine with Mark Webb
  • Harmonizing the Spirit (5 element theory and psychological application) with Gabriel Mojay
  • 10 years of annual study in Spiritual Phyto Essencing with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky
  • Certified (2005) Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster facilitator


What other specialty training have you had?

  • Life coach certification 1996
  • Zentangle teacher Certification 2010
  • A local study group led by a homeopath for family care with homeopathy

Describe how you use your aromatherapy training in your day-to-day life:

  • Cleaning
  • Health maintenance
  • Disease prevention
  • Making more of my own lotions and potions :>)

Describe how you use your aromatherapy training in your business:

  • Educating others as to safe and effective use of essential oils and hydrosols
  • With individual clients to address health concerns
  • Custom aromatics

What are you most excited about with regard to the future of aromatherapy and your place in it?

I am hoping we will come to understand the fragility of the land and nurture it the way we want to be nurtured by it.

What advice would you give to someone considering aromatherapy certification?

  • Know what kind of learner you are
  • Know what you want to do with the result of your study when you have completed your program
  • Research different programs to determine best fit
  • Ask graduates of different programs for their experience, and their reasons for choosing a particular program

What are your top 3-5 favorite essential oils and what do you love about them?

  • Bergamot: my love of this predates my involvement with aromatherapy/eo’s
  • Cape chamomile: fruity, very subtle, great to blend with
  • Vetiver: grounding for my double Sagittarius personality
  • Sandalwood: sweet and comforting

Show us your essential oil collection:

What are your top 3-5 favorite aromatherapy books and what do you love about them?

Show us your aromatherapy bookshelf:

Tip for Marvy Moms Readers:

Aromas I really didn’t like straight out of the bottle:

  1. I can appreciate much more years later as I work with them and get to know them
  2. can be exactly what will make a blend “sing” or be complete.

What else would you like to share with Marvy Moms readers?

There are days, even weeks when I do not take out my essential oils. They are not the answer to everything… they are, in combination with other holistic practices, a great way to take responsibility for your own health and the health of the environment (micro and macro).

Here’s a Chinese apothecary chest that I inherited. I use it mostly to store little bottles and I have a map so I know which drawer to find what size in…

Thank you Nancy for sharing a look inside the life of an aromatherapist!

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