Put Your Knowledge to the Test with *The Essential Oil Safety Pop Quiz*

The Essential Oil Safety Pop Quiz. Please Do NOT Study prior to taking! Marvy Moms

What better way to find out what you and others know about essential oil safety then to put your knowledge to the test?

The Essential Oil Safety Pop Quiz is meant to get a sense of what knowledge you have of essential oils in this moment. Please answer questions without searching out the answers online or from friends. The more honest your answers are in this moment, the more valuable the results of this quiz will be to the aromatherapy community.

You will not be graded on this “quiz!” It’s just a point of information to see where improvements can be made in education about safe use of essential oils. I will be publishing the answers and results after I receive enough responses, so please ask all your friends to take this quiz too!

The “Quiz” is divided into three parts:

  1. Safety Questions (this is the actual quiz)
  2. Injury Questions
  3. Usage and Demographic Questions

There is a final question with space for additional comments where you can share any additional information that you feel might be helpful.

Almost all of the questions are “required.” This is to be sure that no questions are inadvertently skipped when completing the quiz/survey. If you forget to answer a question, a red box will pop up to let you know that an answer is required. Please select an answer to the question so that you will be able to submit the form when you are finished.

This field is required.

The entire survey should take less than 10-15 minutes (unless you have lots of comments to include regarding injuries, etc…). Please only take this survey once.

Thank you for being a part of The Essential Oil Safety Pop Quiz!

Ready? Let’s Get Started!

A few people have reported that they are having trouble seeing the full answers on their iPhone. If you have this problem, please try taking the quiz on your computer or Android device instead.

Thank you to the 552 people who to The Essential Oil Safety Pop Quiz!!! The quiz is now closed. Next I’ll be analyzing the data to share the results with you. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you the correct answers too so you can see how you did.

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