Reflections on a Mother’s Day

Reflections on a Mother's Day

I just celebrated my fifth Mother’s Day with children in my arms. Sixth, counting pregnancy.

Motherhood begins at conception. Some are Mothers the day they become pregnant. Some are Mothers to children who aren’t their own, even before they make the conscious decision to become a Mother. Others choose to be Mothers through adoption. There are so many ways to become a Mother, and the second Sunday in May is the day for us.

We get one day.

One day of pampering, anyway. Every day is a gift, regardless.

We are Mothers three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Once a Mother, always a Mother. I spent this Mother’s Day with my Mother, my sister and sister-in-law, and our families. Of course, my husband and my children cherished the day together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We brunched together. I was pampered in many ways. I didn’t have to cook, I didn’t change any diapers, I barely fed my own children! My husband was kind, thoughtful, and took the reigns for the day. I even dozed into a nap, post-brunch. I received a lovely orchid from my kids, and a sweet card from my husband.

We celebrated Motherhood in all its glory. There was laughter and whining among the children, mischief and happiness. It was all there, like any other day. I spent the day with my family as I always love to do.

I can say this with much confidence at this stage in my life: Becoming a Mom is the greatest and most precious gift a woman can be given. I appreciate that gift more and more each day. I vow to never take that gift for granted. Thank you for this sixth Mother’s Day. Thank you for the gift of children.

How did you spend your Mother’s Day? Was it your first? We love to hear what other Marvelous Moms have to say! Please share your story :).

About Leandra Sweet

Leandra is a Wife, stay-at-home Mother of 3, Daughter, Sister, & Friend to lots of great people who fill her life. A private music instructor by trade, she took time off to raise her children in 2008, when her firstborn came into the world. In the four short years since becoming a Mom, ”The Whimsical Sweet” was born, along with several other from-home endeavors. Leandra is a natural-birthing, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, home-cooking, intactivist, homeschooling Mom who teaches music, knits, & creates all things fun while raising her children in a mainly-holistic environment. While her husband works, Leandra finds ways to live functionally on a single income & enjoys scoring a good deal on necessities for the family. On any given day, you will find her reading to her kids, encouraging them to play independently, or spending time with extended family who fortunately live nearby. Mostly, this Mama believes in balance and moderation. Anything that fits the bill works just fine.