Hello, My Name is Molly and I am a lazy Momma.

Hello My Name is Molly and I'm a Lazy Momma - Marvy Moms

The first step to solving a problem is admitting that there is a problem in the first place, right? So here is my public confession: I have become lazy. Bone lazy, in fact. I started out with drive and ambition. I mean, I was working a 50+ hour work week, driving across counties in all weather, with morning/all day sickness that made me pull over every five minutes. Even with that, my house was clean, dinner was made every other night, and most days I got out of my pajamas at some point.

I was taken off work for bed rest at 32 weeks, so by the time I had my son I was actually excited to be able to run the vacuum and do some laundry. That lasted about six weeks, and ever since then I have slowly spiraled into increasing laziness. I can’t tell you the number of times that someone has said, “Play with your baby, the dust will wait.” Well, if I wait any longer, the dust is going to form a carpet over my hardwoods.

I look around my house, which is a disaster that I will not allow anyone to enter. I look at myself in the mirror and realize I’ve worn the same PJ pants the last three nights (oh, how that must get my husband excited…not), my Bug is wearing only a diaper because it was easier to clean his  chest than trying to find a clean bib in the pile of laundry I did a week ago and never folded… I could go on and on. It needs to change. As wonderful and relaxing as napping with my baby every afternoon for two hours is, having a clean, organized life will take away more stress.

So I am writing this public confession as a New Years Resolution – to be less lazy. I like to have a ‘soft opening’ for my resolutions (I have been watching wayyy too much Bar Rescue), so starting this weekend I am cleaning at a local gym for one hour a week in exchange for a membership, and I have decided that on the days I don’t babysit, I am going to crash through my chores list. I’m going to do more of the things I planned to save money, like cloth diapering, making my own baby food, and checking expiration dates to not let any more food go to waste.

Basically, I’m telling myself “Get off your butt!” And that’s what I’m calling this. Operation GOYB (because GOYA is already taken by a lovely food company). So here goes!

What are some of your resolutions? Do you ever try them out in December or November to see if they are actually doable, or do you go cold turkey January 1st?

About Molly Grace

Molly is a ridiculously happily married stay-at-home mom to the Bug. After working with kids through BOCES and Hillside Children’s Center, Molly is beyond excited to be able to focus on her own little one. Molly is an artsy-craftsy Pinterest and tie-dye addict who is trying to find little ways to bring some extra income into her now one-paycheck home. Molly is learning the ropes of taking care of a newborn while trying to be as frugal as possible so that she can stay home with all of her future little ones, including her two lab-mix furbabies. Molly is also an avid reader, and may have contributed single-handedly to the building of several area libraries with her overdue book fees.