End-of-year Teacher Gift—Crayon Letters

The end of the school year is fast approaching and before you come to that last day—the day you’re supposed to have a gift for the teacher and haven’t even thought about it yet… I have an idea for you!

My son was in Pre-K this year, so it’s just your luck that we had to do the teacher gifts already. We made two for each teacher—a crayon name plaque and a flower pot with marigold. Here’s how we made the crayon picture:

  1. Gather all your supplies. You will need a box of new crayons, a picture frame, glue, and a permanent marker.End-of-year Teacher Gift—Crayon Letters - Marvy Moms
  2. Arrange the crayons on the picture frame so you know how many you’ll need and how they need to be cut.
  3. Glue the crayons onto the glass frame, leaving room at the bottom for the teacher’s name.End-of-year Teacher Gift—Crayon Letters - Marvy Moms
  4. Write the teacher’s name on the bottom in permanent marker and you’re set! If you have the time, then ann alternative would be to print out the teacher’s name on a piece of paper and place it in the frame to show up beneath the crayons.
    End-of-year Teacher Gift—Crayon Letters - Marvy Moms

P.S. A trick I learned, after spelling a name wrong, is that if you rub a dry erase marker over a sharpie and then wipe it—it will erase the permanent marker. For real. It’s amazing.

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