Definitive Gift Buying Guide For All the Crunchy Things

Definitive Gift Buying Guide For All the Crunchy Things - Marvy Moms

Now that the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, let’s talk about what to buy your crunchy loved ones (or yourself) for whatever holiday you celebrate this year! Not everything will be on sale, but that’s not really the point of this post. It’s to find amazing crunchy gifts!

Stores will be listed by topic and alphabetically. For some stores, I will pick out a product or two that I think is amazing for one reason or another. Be sure to tell me if you think something should be listed here that isn’t already and I’ll consider adding it!

I’ll keep updating this gift buying guide, so keep coming back for more ideas as the holidays get closer.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, Marvy Moms will receive a percentage of any sale. This does not affect the amount you will pay for an item or service and in no way changes opinions expressed by Marvy Moms or Marvy Moms writers. For more info, see Marvy Moms Disclosure Policy.

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils

Amrita Aromatherapy: 

Shipping is still free on orders over $50 and a flat rate of $4.95 for orders under $50. Amrita also has some great deals on their clearance page that you won’t want to miss. All clearance items are 50% off.

Shop at Amrita!

Appalachian Valley Natural Products:

As always, there is free standard shipping on orders over $35 being shipped within the United States. Almost all products are available in sample sizes and Appalachian Valley offers up to three of their 75¢ samples for free. Discount will be applied in the shopping cart.

Shopping Tip at Appalachian Valley: Create an account and sign in before shopping. By doing so, anything you put in your cart will be remembered when you return another time. You will also see more sizes available with pricing than before logging in.

Get a gift at Appalachian Valley Natural Products!

Arlys Naturals:

Get free Shipping on orders over $49.99 through the end of the year.

Get the deal at Arlys Naturals!


Essential oils and aromatherapy products sold by a Registered Aromatherapist. Limited time holiday gifts are available through the month of December. Make sure you check out their specials page for some discounted items.

Shop at Aromaceuticals!

Aromatics International:

Get 20% off your entire order until December 17, 2015. Use coupon code snowflake (all lower case) in the Payment Details section of checkout.

Get the deal at Aromatics International!

Eden Botanicals:

Get 15% off Black Cumin CO2 – Organic, 15% off Cocao Absolute, and 15% off Coconut Pulp CO2 – Organic through December 15, 2015.

Get the deal at Eden Botanicals!

Essential Wholesale & Labs:

I have no idea what their essential oils are like, however, they do have a ton of raw materials for perfumers and formulators. I have heard good things about their simple lotion.

Get $5 off shipping charges through December 30, 2015 with code DECSHIP5 at checkout.

Go shop at Essential Wholesale & Labs!


You’re sure to find something on your wishlist at the Big Savings on Top Gifts sale at Floracopeia including single essential oils, aromatherapy classes, palo santo wood chips, rosey hydrosol, essential oil collections, and more.

Some of the sales require a code at checkout and others are automatically applied in the cart. Look at product details to see what is required for each item.

Shop the sale at Floracopeia!


Groupon always has a ton of deals on diffuser and other aromatherapy products. Although I can’t speak to the quality of the essential oils offered on Groupon (some of the companies I’ve never heard of), there is a huge diffuser selection.

Get the deal at Groupon!

Nature’s Gift:

Lots here for the essential oil lover. Don’t know what to chose? Take a look a the Samplers & Kits category for some great ideas.


Shop for gifts at Nature’s Gift!

On Hand Lotions:

My good friend, Hayna Weems is the owner of and creator at On Hand Lotions. She started out making solid lotion bars, and is constantly expanding her product line. She now carries aromatherapy roll-ons, sugar scrubs, and her most recent addition is a product called Glitter Beard! She uses organic ingredients whenever possible, often infuses her own oils from plants on her land, and puts a whole lot of love into everything she creates. (As an aside, I’m proud to say that I designed her website!)

Free Priority Upgrade on shipping

Get the deal at On Hand Lotions!

Original Swiss Aromatics:

This company is owned by Kurt Schnaubelt, author of The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy, Advanced Aromatherapy: The Science of Essential Oil Therapy, and Medical Aromatherapy: Healing with Essential Oils. He is a well respected member of the aromatherapy community and carries some rare essential oils that you’ll have trouble finding anywhere else.

Go shop at Original Swiss Aromatics!

 Plant Therapy:

Only two more days left in thee 25 Days of Christmas sale at Plant Therapy!

On Sunday 12/20/15 only, use all the coupon codes from the first 23 days of the sale. See a complete list of codes and instructions on the Plant Therapy website. Hint: Only one coupon can be used per transaction, so you will have to place multiple orders to get multiple discounts. All orders have free shipping.

Get the deal from Plant Therapy!

Pompeii Organics

Pompeii Organics has a nice selection of essential oils, hydrosols, and aromatherapy accessories. Many of their oils are organic and all have GC/MS reports available right in the product descriptions on the website.

Find a gift at Pompeii Organics!

RBK Aromatherapy:

Robin Kessler is my good friend and is an amazing aromatherapist. She offers aromatherapy consulting and custom blending and also provides telephone suppot. For a limited time she’s offering 50% off her initial in-person consult to Mary Moms readers until the end of 2015. Located in Princeton NJ, Robin offers local aromatherapy services as well as telephone consults. Marvy Moms readers get $15 off their initial telephone consultation with Robin through the end of 2015. She always has safety in mind and will do everything she can to help with your aromatherapy needs.

Schedule your aromatherapy consultation with Robin!


Rocky Mountain Oils and Native American Nutritionals has fully merged into the new brand of RMO. The recent launch of their new site was also the debut of their S.A.A.F.E. Promise.  S.A.A.F.E. stands for Satisfaction Guarantee, Authentic, Analysis, Free of Adulterates, and Effective and Pure. In addition, they now stamp every bottle of essential oil with a batch number that you can enter on their website for a full GC/MS report.

Current deal at RMO:

  • 10% Off the entire store
  • Get the entire holiday kit for free with orders over $149

And, as always, there is free standard shipping within the United States.

Get the deal at RMO!

Sacred Perennial:

Free Shipping on 12/18/15 and 25% off your entire purchase through the month of December! Use coupon code winter at checkout to receive 25% discount.

25% Off Your Purchase During December

Get the deal at Sacred Perennial!

Samara Botane:

At Samara Botane, you’ll find essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extractions, extracts, alcohols, tinctures, concretes, floral waxes, oleoresins and essential oil collections, blends and synergies.

Go shopping at Samara Botane!

Scentsable Health:

Scentsable Health is owned by Shannon Dennis, an aromatherapist and fellow graduate of Aromahead Institute. She makes custom blends, stock blends, aromatherapy products and also sells single essential oils from Aromatics International.

Get the deal at Scentsable Health!

Spa Essentials by Lola:

Another fellow Aromahead graduate, Registered Aromatherapist, Lola King, offers body butters and oils, facial care products, scrubs and soaks, and essential oils.

Go check out Spa Essentials by Lola!

Stillpoint Aromatics:

Stillpoint has a wide selection of essential oils, hydrosols, flower essences, resins, as well as carrier oils and lotions for use in aromatherapy.

Go stuff your stocking at Stillpoint Aromatics!

Tropical Traditions:

Lots to order from this site, including essential oils from the French company, Florihana. Check their website for weekly deals.

Go shop at Tropical Traditions!


Wingsets is owned by Ann McIntire Wooledge who is a nurse, aromatherapist, and soap maker. Fabulous aromatherapy blends, oils, soaps, and more! Get 20% off your order when you sign up for their newsletter. Free shipping on orders over $65.

Get the deal at Wingsets!

Body Care

Aroma Treats:

Teri Leigh Baird is a certified aromatherapist and the genius behind the soaps and other aromatherapy products at Aroma Treats. My friend and fellow aromatherapist, Robin Kessler, uses Teri’s soap and says, “Her soaps are wonderful, makes my face feel soft and smooth. The soap is huge and lasts a very long time.”

Aroma Treats handmade soaps.

Get the deal at Aroma Treats!

Vermont Soap:

Get $5 off your order of $35 or more with code GIVETHANKS at checkout. This is a nice source for Castile soap. Free Shipping for orders over $35.

Get the deal at Vermont Soap!



Is a Kindle Fire crunchy? It is if you put all your Kindle books on it instead of buying the paper equivalents! The Kindle Fire HD6 Kids Edition is currently on sale for just $119.99 (down from $149.99). Amazon guarantees this to be kid-proof and if they do break it, Amazon will replace it with no questions asked! Grab one at this price while you can! Find apps and books for your toddler to put on their new Kindle Fire.

Get the Kindle Fire HD6 Kids Edition!

Now is the perfect time to join Amazon Prime! With a free 30-day trial you can get all of your holiday gifts shipped to you for free. Then listen to Amazon Music and watch videos on Amazon Instant Video for free on your new Kindle Fire (or computer or Apple or Android device).

Get a Free 30-day Trial of Amazon Prime!

Get the Kindle Fire at Amazon!Fire HD6 Kids

More From Amazon:

Some print books that should be on every crunchy person’s list (or already in their library):

Kindle Books that I love:

  • Backyard Medicine: Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies by Jolene Burton-Seal and Matthew Seal: I have the hardcover version of this book and today the Kindle version is only $1.99. There are monographs on 50 herbs as well as 120 recipes for remedies you can make yourself. Lots of beautiful pictures too. The print is super small in the print version, so I’ll be buying the Kindle version so that it will be easier to read. I downloaded a sample (some books don’t convert well) and it looks like they did a nice job converting it to digital format. And the print is bigger, so much easier to read! Plus I love the search function of digital books and it will fit nicely on my new Kindle Fire 7 that I got myself for Christmas.

Go find a crunchy book on Amazon!

Elizabeth Ashley’s Aromatherapy Books:

Elizabeth Ashley, AKA: The Secret Healer, has written several specialized aromatherapy books. She gives you one for free and the rest are nicely priced.

FREE e-Book: 

e-Books for $3.49 and under:

See all of Elizabeth Ashley’s books!


This is a great online used bookstore and I’ve bought some great homeopathy, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine books from them.

Get 20% off your order and free shipping when you buy any 12 books. Believe me, this is easy to do at Thriftbooks. I got 10 books in my most recent order and only spent $56.14! Use code READMORE at checkout.

Get the deal at Thriftbooks!


The East-West School for Herbal & Aromatic Studies:

Hydrosols are becoming more and more popular in the aromatherapy world. There are some great books on them and The East-West School for Herbal & Aromatic Studies is the process of developing an online course to provide an even more rich learning experience.

If you don’t already know, hydrosols are the coproduct of essential oil distillation. When plant material is steam distilled it separates out into an essential oil and water soluble parts that are then divided from each other and used for many purposes. You may have seen rose water on the grocery store shelves. This is the perfect example of a commonly used hydrosol. Hydrosols have a different chemical makeup that essential oils, and have many therapeutic benefits. Hydrosols are a more gentle approach for use with children and infants than their essential oil counterparts.

Pre-registration for Hydrosols Online Certification Program with Cathy Skipper is currently available. Pay just $150 (price goes up to $225 after pre-registration is over)

Core topics in the class include:

  1. The history of hydrosols
  2. Techniques of producing hydrosols
  3. Biochemistry of hydrosols
  4. Info about using different hydrosols: Learn how to use hydrosols in creams/lotions, clay packs, gels, etc.
  5. Hydrosols in cosmetics, cooking, therapy and for animals
  6. Hydrosols combined with tinctures, hydrosols combined or made with flower essences
  7. Dosages and Administration
  8. Energetic qualities
  9. Conservation
  10. Precautions
  11. Monographs on a variety of common and uncommon hydrosols

This is the perfect gift for any aromatherapist or aromatherapy enthusiast! Several aromatherapists that I know are signing up for this course, including me!

Sign up for the hydrosols class!


I recently wrote about my experience with Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification at Udemy. Take a look around Udemy and find something you’ve always wanted to learn about.

Find a class at Udemy!


Washington Homeopathic Products:

Get 20% off all WHP Be Gone products for the month of December. In addition, all homeopathic kits are 10% off until December 16th. No coupon code is needed and discount is applied in the shopping cart. Free shipping on orders over $25.

Get the deal at Washington Homeopathic Products!


Sweet Whimsy Designs:

Leandra Sweet is a true artist and makes amazing wooden playable art (toys) that any kid will be sure to love. I’m proud to say that I also designed her blog, The Whimsical Sweet, where she features handmade artisans from around the United States.

My son loves our nativity set handpainted by Leandra so we just leave it out all year for him to play with it. She’s also made a wooden peg doll to look like my son and can do custom sets of your whole family. She can paint anything or anyone into a peg doll or wooden toy!

Sweet Whimsy Designs

Start playing at Sweet Whimsy Designs!

Miscellany Crunchy Things

The Truth About Cancer:

I wrote about my experience with watching this series when they released the new version back in October. This would make a great gift for yourself or a loved one this holiday season!

Give the gift of health with The Truth About Cancer!

Thrive Market:

Get your favorite crunchy foods delivered right to your door. Marvy Moms readers get a free 2-months membership plus 25% off your first order! Shipping is always free on orders over $49.

Get the deal at Thrive Market!

Remember to bookmark this article to come back for more gift-giving ideas (sharing is a great way to be sure you’ll find you’re way back here again)…

Happy Crunchy Holiday Shopping!

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