Crispy Baked Potato “Chips”

Marvy Moms - Crispy Baked Potato "Chips"

I was cruising Pinterest one day when I came across some yummy-looking potatoes. I’ve made my own potato chips before, but they take up so much room on the pan! These are the next best thing, and you can make several potatoes all on one cookie sheet. I didn’t even read the recipe, just thought I would wing it and see how they came out. Turns out they’re delicious, just as I thought they might be. They are crispy on the outside, and crunchy on the inside. Sort of a cross between a scalloped potato and a potato chip.

1. The first thing you need is a sharp knife to carefully slice the potato into thin slices. The trick is to slice as far down as possible without reaching the bottom of the potato. After trying this a couple of times I’ve gotten rather good at this, as well as cutting the slices ultra-thin. It’s difficult to see the detail in this photo, but the slices are actually quite thin.

Marvy Moms - Crispy Baked Potato "Chips"

2. Place the semi-sliced potatoes on a cookie sheet covered in cooking spray (I always line my grungy pans with tin foil first).

3. Fan the potato slices while spraying in between each layer with cooking spray.

4. Cook in a preheated oven at at least 390° F. I’m impatient, so I often cook as high as possible, and place potatoes on the top rack for ultimate crispiness. I love the convection feature on our oven to further speed things along!

5. Remove from the oven when they’re crispy enough looking for you. I sprinkled some salt on them. You can experiment with different spices or add nothing at all.

6. Eat and Enjoy!

Marvy Moms - Crispy Baked Potato "Chips"

***Please be careful with knives and hot things around your little ones. Perhaps they can spray the pan or line it with foil (with adult supervision of course), but be safe and leave the slicing and oven parts to the adults!

I’m thinking of trying this method with sweet potatoes next. Yum!

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