Abbie Schmitt

Abbie SchmittAbbie is a stay-at-home mom of three wonderful kids, including beautiful 10-month-old daughter, Sophia, a 3-year-old Bishon Frise, Jax, and a 5-year-old American Eskimo, Petey. In case you didn’t catch it, Abbie considers her four-leggers her kids! She says, “They are a handful but I couldn’t love them more!” Abbie left her full time job as a licensed insurance associate to stay at home and be a housewife. Her husband, Patrick, is a volunteer fireman and works in finance. Abbie describes herself as “crafty, sarcastic, a little OCD, sometimes too critical, and an easy-going mom who isn’t afraid to say it how it is.” Abbie is looking forward to sharing both her opinions and her adventures of being a mom.