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I made a decision a few weeks ago, and it’s hopefully the beginning of a journey that I will be able to share with you all.

A Struggle with Body Image - Marvy Moms

I do not have a lifelong history of struggling with my weight. I was a “healthy” weight in high school, and a “healthy”-ish weight when I became pregnant. After my son was born, I gradually made it back down towards my “healthy”-ish weight. No one at my doctor’s office has ever commented on my weight, nor on my exercise habits. I love to eat and I love to cook. What I have is an almost lifelong history of a healthy body image.

I do not struggle with my weight.

I struggle with perception.

I struggle with acceptance.

I struggle with genetics.

I struggle with the media and the never-ending messages that seep into my brain and into my consciousness and tell me that my body isn’t good enough. That I need to have this shape or that shape. Larger boobs, smaller boobs, larger butt, smaller butt. Whatever, it goes on and on.

So the decision is this: Take better care of myself. Pay attention to what I’m feeding my body instead of mindlessly consuming. Focus on the wonderful parts – the parts I love and that are uniquely mine. This is my body and I know it’s awesome, and I want to treat it that way. With it I grew a child, nourished that child, hug that child and everyone else that is so important in my life. This is about recognizing that I could take better care of myself, that I deserve to take better care of myself. That I can continue to think that society’s standards on beauty and fitness, and in general what women are supposed to be/look/feel, are messed up, while still taking care of myself.

So, here’s to making a decision and the beginning of what is hopefully a wonderful journey!

Also, for the record, I think that society’s standards of how men are supposed to be/look/feel are pretty messed up too.  While I’m mentioning it, if you haven’t seen Miss Representation, I think you should.  It’s available on Netflix or to watch here for a small price.

I’d love to hear more about your own journey with health and body love!


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Lucky for you I’ve been letting my tub get especially grimy just so I could show you how I got it sparkling clean! (Yeah, that’s the ticket! LOL)

I was on one of my mommy Facebook groups recently and came across a post about how to clean your bathtub with just vinegar and Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. We have one of those “newer” tubs made from acrylic (I think) and I never know what to clean it with. I’ve had some luck with Bon Ami, but I was hoping for something easier and more effective.

Here’s my modified version of a homemade bathtub cleaner that works!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Cup white vinegar
  • 1 Cup Dawn Dishwashing Liquid
  • An empty spray bottle (mine is 24 oz)

Homemade Bathtub Cleaner that Works - Marvy Moms

What to do:

  1. Warm up vinegar in the microwave (I put mine in for just over 1.5 minutes, adjust according to your microwave)
  2. Add warm vinegar to bottle (mine had measurement markers on the side which made this quite easy)
  3. Add Dawn Diswashing Liquid to sprayer bottle
  4. Shake
  5. Spray mixture onto bathtub, bathtub walls, faucet, shower curtain liner and anywhere you’d like to clean.
  6. Wait 1-2 hours (I forgot until 3 hours later and it still worked)
  7. Use a wet cloth to wipe/scrub the yuckies away.
  8. Sit back and admire your handiwork!

Homemade Bathtub Cleaner that Works - Marvy Moms

Some warnings:

  • The vinegar makes this VERY stinky. Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated. Run the fan, open windows and doors, just get the air moving.
  • Make sure you get a spray bottle that has a “mist” setting. Mine didn’t have one, and I had to spray more to cover everything. The straight sprayer also caused a ricochet effect and I got squirted in the eye. Ouch!
  • Keep your kids and pets out of the room while you spray and as it’s setting in to avoid breathing it in too much or from getting accidentally sprayed.
  • You can use this on more than the tub, however, this stuff gets sudsy while you’re wiping it off, so don’t spray anywhere that you wouldn’t want to soak to remove all residue (like the floor which would become slippery–I learned the hard way).
  • There is still some elbow grease required with this, albeit far less than with other cleaners I’ve tried. I think it helped that I used a microfiber cloth. I got mine from Sam’s Club a few years back, but they look exactly like these from Amazon. I use them for everything! Great as burp clothes for babies too!

Bonus: I usually throw away my shower curtain liner once it turns pink with water stains, but this time I just cleaned it up and it’s as good as new!

Homemade Bathtub Cleaner that Works - Marvy Moms

Just look at that sparkle!

Homemade Bathtub Cleaner - Marvy Moms

Give it a try! What works on your tub?


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July 9, 2014
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7/6/14 Sunday Paper Coupon Preview – P & G Insert Only

July 2, 2014
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Keeping Him Close

June 24, 2014
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